Aussies most satisfied with First National Real Estate


Buying or selling a home will be amongst the biggest financial decisions you will ever make, so you’ll want the best service, advice and value for money from your real estate agent as possible. Really, picking the right agent to guide you through the process should be one of your first and most important considerations. So, which real estate agents aremoving Aussies in the right direction, and which should be packing their bags?

To find out which real estate agents are rated highest across Australia, we surveyed more than 1,100 adults who have employed the services of an agent in their area over the last three years, whether it related to the buying or selling of a property, lease management or renting. They may not always be top of your Christmas card list, but estate agents are there to provide a vital service, whatever the specific needs. Our ratings take all aspects into account and give you an overall guide to which are meeting the expectations of customers.

In this, the inaugural year of our ratings for real estate agents, we found that First National Real Estate has been impressing more than any other firm, taking out five-star reviews from consumers in almost every single category, including communication and advice, problem resolution and value for money. In fact, no other real estate agent achieved top marks in any area.

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